Day One

Monday 23rd January 2017

Work outs*

-Foundation (Day one)

  • 20 Step Jacks
  • 20 Side Jacks
  • 20 March Jacks
  • 20 Side leg raises

(5 sets)


Foundation Day One

-Katana Warm up

-Gym (getting schedule made next Monday)

-Found 3 Geocaches in Salisbury today

*Couldn’t go swimming as I got the timetables askew


Today went extremely well apart from instead of using the pool today I will have to go tomorrow; I might try and get the energy to get in some gym time as well. Instead of going to the gym first thing in the morning I think I might do my ‘at home’ routines before going out, hopefully that way I’ll be more able to co-ordinate my visits with pool opening times.  I feel like I have tonnes of energy when I’m actually doing something but I start to crash when I sit down and relax, it’s like a sugar or caffeine high.

I didn’t mean to but as I was at the hospital I have a full English Breakfast (although i hast brown toast instead of fried and i cut the fat off of the bacon), in the future I’ll stick with egg or beans on one slice of toast, a perfectly reasonable breakfast especially after a workout. I really need to remember that when I cheat on an exercise or my diet I’m only cheating myself.

I did two things today I really didn’t intend to do I ended up walking around Salisbury and hunting some nearby Geocaches instead of going swimming (I found three though two I’ll have to revisit and sign, the other had a pencil), a hike to a part of Salisbury I’d never explored before, the map says there are more, I’ll have to go back and find them. I also might have got myself a job, ended up going inside a vape store and got talking to the clerk (turns out we went to the same school), the store is hiring and I think if I turn in my CV I may stand a good chance at getting the job… figured on the hours they want I would end up earning a little over £200, definitely not bad and i’m sure I can work my workouts round work…I hope.

Well until tomorrow…



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