In case these following months kill me (joke…kind of) I thought it would be prudent to record exactly what I’m trying to do and how I’m going about it, either as a declaration of intent or maybe even a inspiration to others in my position. My name is Robert Wolf and I am 15 stone and 5 foot 5…in other words the NHS (National Health Service) class me as MO (Morbidly Obese) so much so I have been tested for diabetes type two. As it is I have a serious congenital heart condition something that has plagued me since birth, I also have Obstructive sleep apnoea  coupled with severe insomnia and have recently been diagnosed with Juvenile myclonic epilepsy (the only word of which I under stood and completely registered was epilepsy). Since I have these problems I am dead set against developing type to diabetes, I have enough problems as is.

My problem with fitness is I’ve never actually found a sport or physical activity that was cheap and I enjoyed…until recently I was introduced to parkour, urban climbing and kite boarding…all of which are fun, interesting and apart from the last free, but unfortunately all require a certain degree of physical fitness, which I certainly don’t have. So that is ultimately my goal to reach a level of fitness where I can start learning these sports and stand a chance of becoming proficient in them. This starts today. I’ve been referred to a gym, written a programme for myself using the websites Nerd Fitness ( and Darebee training ( using these two sites I’ve written myself a schedule as well as a target, by the end of February (under six weeks) I want to be able to run or jog 1KM (0.62 miles) by the end of June I want to be able to run 5KM and perform 10 pull-ups. This is my target, only them will I see myself as being fit enough to begin learning the sports I wish to take up…though I will learn and practice the basics even if I cannot perform them properly.

For the first month this will be my routine:

I will focus on finishing the Foundation Program from Darebee, (, a plan which is a 30 day workout routine along with the ‘Katana Warm Up’ ( , I plan to Gym and swim Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and every other day doing the ‘Beginner Body Weight workout’ (, The Katana, Gym and Body weight work out will increase in reps, weight and difficulty as i progress. I have also joined Geocahing (, a huge scavenger hunt that encourages people to get out into their environment and searching for hidden cashes to either just sign or to exchange little ‘treasures’. I plan to try and find 5-10 a week, travelling to find them if i have to.
As I approach the beginning of my ‘journey’ to a fitter me I look down at the beer gut I have accumulated and I swear goodbye.  To keep track of my progress I will take pictures (of my activities), record my weight twice a week and take pictures of my torso as it disappears to be forgotten as a part of me I will gladly forget.


Katana warmup


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