The Reboot 5th February 2016

The Reboot

I’m back. That’s right after a week of being a bedridden invalid  thanks to a cold and then a chest infection and hardly being able to breathe without coughing my guts up I am back and rearing to go. My diet starts with a vengeance today and the exercise starts today with a little light swimming and then I restart the Foundation workout. Also I now have a target…I want to be comfortable going shirtless in public by June…why? Download festival, I have tickets and I want to enjoy it to the fullest. Wednesday to Monday of Rock, Metal, camping and mayhem…gotta love it.

Also in the throes of my illness I had a nightmare, one so vivid and horrible that it gave me a epiphany. I have one goal, to live, to make a difference, to actually live my dreams and have a life that can be rounded up in one word an adventure. And so I have made a before ‘I’m too old/boring/ 35 or dead list’ whichever comes first. Read it here >>>><<<<where I will be documenting my attempts of hitting everything on this list.

So Monday, I’m doing Foundation Day One, my Katana Warmup and then I’m hitting the gym and re-booking my schedule build, to start on my road to being able to perform parkour I’m going to start doing ten box jumps, jump downs and rolls everyday. This is me taking it into overdrive….WARP SPEED MR ZULU!!!!



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