Day Two

Day Two
Tuesday 24th January 2017

Okay my second day, I’m alive, the lower parts of my abs hurt like crazy as do my upper thighs and I made the mistake of sitting down in the morning when I suspect I should have stayed up and moving until I was ready to do my work out. I need to push myself to stand up and do this. I also found out that I have a specific body type that may be detrimental to my losing weight but more on that later.

Foundation (Day Two)Workouts

  • 10 squats
  • 10 Lunge step ups
  • 10 Squat step ups
  • 20 Arm raises (w/weights)
  • 20 Raised arm circles
  • 20 Count arm hold

Foundation Day Two

(5 sets)

-Beginner body weight workout (BBWW)

-Katana Work out


-Swim (Since I didn’t yesterday)


Ok so I found out today that there are different body types and each loose/gain weight/muscle at different rates and with different difficulties:

  • Ectomorph
  • Endomorph
  • Mesomorph

(For more information go here:

Using a brief and easy quiz I have determined I am 63% Endomorph. This means I am naturally short, bulky and built like a tank if I manage to get my body into the proper shape.  To find out your body type go here:

Both site are brutally honest so only ask if you want to know.

So apart from finding out I am naturally destined to be short, stocky and thick I managed to power through my workouts even though all my muscles, especially my thighs and lower abs, are killing me. For the first time I managed to job about ¼ to ½ a mile without stopping, an achievement for me to say the least. I also made up the missed swimming session from Monday, so I’m still keeping my routine.

P.S. A note from the day after

Now before I post this I have to point out that this must be doing something to my sleep schedule because I actually felt the need to go to bed at 10.30 last night instead of my usual 1-2am bedtime.

(I post these the day after though I write most of it on the day it’s referring to)

So until tomorrow