Days Five, Six and Seven…ill

Day Five
Friday 27th January 2017

I regret to say no working out today due to a fully fledged cold hitting me and because of my heart condition my colds hit me like the flu hits people with normal immune systems. The entire program is on hold until I get better or at least well enough to work out without coughing my lungs up. To make matters worse because of my meds I’m not allowed to take normal cold and flu meds so I have to rely on paracetamol and home remedies. Honey, Lemon, a pinch of garlic and sugar in a mug of hot water helps but not as well as an actual medicine would but it’s better than nothing. I got no sleep last night and in all honestly I doubt I will until I can breathe properly…the blocked nose aggravates the sleep apnoea to no end and I just feel and look disgusting.

Hopefully I’ll be well enough to continue tomorrow…I’ll start the epilepsy meds once I’m clear as well.


Day Six
Saturday 28th January 2017

I though yesterday and the other night were bad. Last night and this morning were terrible. I sound like i’m having an asthma attack; I have to breathe through my mouth which results in me sounding like a dog and not just any dog a slobbery boxer dog. My dear wife insists she doesn’t mind but how she doesn’t find me repulsive right now I don’t know. I offered to sleep on the spare bed to save her the risk of getting ill or having to be sneezed/coughed on and there’s the sleep drool. It’s horrible.

I’m really hoping it starts clearing up tomorrow so I can start my workouts when Monday comes.


Day Seven

Sunder 29th January 2017

I think I feel myself getting slightly better though I doubt I’ll be ready to start it up again. I think I’m going to have to promise myself every time I skip two or more days in a row I have to start whatever programme I’m on over again. Once I’m completely cleared up and can breathe and function normally I’ll start the Foundation over…I’m going to have to phone and let the Gym know I’m not able to attend the programme builder session I had booked, maybe suspend my membership until I’m ready again. With me I never know if a harmless cold will turn into a fully blown chest infection. Let’s hope not.


Day Four

Day Four
Thursday 26th January 2017


-Foundation (Day Four)

  • 80 March steps
  • 10 Back stretches
  • 10 Alt arm/leg raises
  • 10 Bridges
  • 10 Knee rolls

Foundation Day Four

(5 sets)

-Katana Warm up (3 sets)

-BBWW (3 sets)



I am now ill fan-feckin-tastic. Sore throat mostly…my wife has the theory that my immune system and my body’s other defences are going into over drive repairing and rebuilding my muscles and fixing my lungs and heart from the years of unhealthy living…so they’re too busy to do their usual job and fend off colds and sore throats…I don’t know how accurate this assessment is but it’s as good as any. Though no matter how shoddy I felt I still powered through my workouts, collapsing in a heap at the end…my Grandmother came by and saw me on the floor…she seemed to think that I had had another seizure – thankfully she checked before calling an ambulance.

Through swimming, I did a grand total of 4 lengths, my breathing was messed up because of the sore throat and I just couldn’t do anymore…so I lounged in the Jacuzzi instead. I did manage a 0.7 job/ speed walk to make up for my missed Cardio, not much I know but it’s better than nothing, I’ll just try a little harder at the gym tomorrow.

I also cheated my diet…yup, it’s been a really bad day for me and I was doing so well. Ended up getting take away because I just couldn’t be arsed to cook…a spam fritter burger with extra cheese and mayo with a side of a jumbo sausage in batter and I’m beating myself up. Guess it’ll just have to be my cheat meal this week and I’ll have to keep to salad for tomorrows date night with the Mrs.

So yeah all in all a crappy day on my part I hope it’s just the fact I feel ill that’s making me start rethinking this whole thing and I’ll wake up either tomorrow or Saturday with a renewed perspective and be able to power through the workouts with the mantra “Thank god it’s the weekend.

Until next time.