Days Five, Six and Seven…ill

Day Five
Friday 27th January 2017

I regret to say no working out today due to a fully fledged cold hitting me and because of my heart condition my colds hit me like the flu hits people with normal immune systems. The entire program is on hold until I get better or at least well enough to work out without coughing my lungs up. To make matters worse because of my meds I’m not allowed to take normal cold and flu meds so I have to rely on paracetamol and home remedies. Honey, Lemon, a pinch of garlic and sugar in a mug of hot water helps but not as well as an actual medicine would but it’s better than nothing. I got no sleep last night and in all honestly I doubt I will until I can breathe properly…the blocked nose aggravates the sleep apnoea to no end and I just feel and look disgusting.

Hopefully I’ll be well enough to continue tomorrow…I’ll start the epilepsy meds once I’m clear as well.


Day Six
Saturday 28th January 2017

I though yesterday and the other night were bad. Last night and this morning were terrible. I sound like i’m having an asthma attack; I have to breathe through my mouth which results in me sounding like a dog and not just any dog a slobbery boxer dog. My dear wife insists she doesn’t mind but how she doesn’t find me repulsive right now I don’t know. I offered to sleep on the spare bed to save her the risk of getting ill or having to be sneezed/coughed on and there’s the sleep drool. It’s horrible.

I’m really hoping it starts clearing up tomorrow so I can start my workouts when Monday comes.


Day Seven

Sunder 29th January 2017

I think I feel myself getting slightly better though I doubt I’ll be ready to start it up again. I think I’m going to have to promise myself every time I skip two or more days in a row I have to start whatever programme I’m on over again. Once I’m completely cleared up and can breathe and function normally I’ll start the Foundation over…I’m going to have to phone and let the Gym know I’m not able to attend the programme builder session I had booked, maybe suspend my membership until I’m ready again. With me I never know if a harmless cold will turn into a fully blown chest infection. Let’s hope not.


Day Three

Day Three
Wednesday 25th January 2017


-Foundation (Day Three)

  • 20 Jab + Jab + Cross
  • 20 Low front Kick
  • 20 Over head punch
  • 20 Knee strikes

(5 sets)


Foundation Day Three

-Katana Warm up

-Gym (doing 10 minutes on tread mill, bike, rower and hand bike, as well as 16×3 crunches, leg press (yes I’m focusing on Cardio, legs and core…best way to shed weight))



Wow, first follower…Just when I was needing an ego boost. This morning I woke up, my legs, abs and biceps felt like they were going to fall off and I wanted to just say ‘screw you exercise’ and then I saw someone was actually reading my posts and it gave me the kick up the arse I needed, so thank you Blair.  As I said I was ready to quit this morning, I hit the first mental wall of many I think, but I powered through, though I swore I wasn’t going to the gym today, but after my foundation and Katana workouts I was feeling alot more awake and I think I must have worked out and stretched the muscles so they knew I wasn’t going to take their crap because by the time I arrived at the leisure centre to swim I decided to hit the gym and I feel more for it.

Got the doc’s on Friday where I’m pretty sure I’m getting put on more meds (I’m already on tonnes for my heart), this time for my epilepsy. I then made the mistake of looking up the medication i’m being put on…BIG MISTAKE. The internet always entertains the worse case scenarios…and now i’m scared. The medication is called Levetiracetam and according to the site I found ( I have oh so many side effects to look forward to…physical side effects I can cope with, my pain tolerance is high and if it means I can get my driver’s licence back (I don’t know how it works in other parts but a fit means they take your licence for a year) I can cope with any physical side effect, it’s the mental and emotional I’m worried about.

I’ve prided myself on my somewhat mental stability, after a rough patch in my early teens where I had severe anger management issues (worked through), I’ve been through events in my life that would make other break down, but they’ve made me stronger. So now with this medication it seems all it’s going to take is a pill to give me a mental break…side effect I’m most fearing:

  • Aggressive or angry (something I already conquered)
  • Change in personality or depersonalization (I like who I am inside, I’m perfect, I don’t want to change)
  • Irritability
  • Quick to react or over react emotionally
  • Paranoia

Sounds like a cross between a bad trip and PMS (just add cramps and monthly bleeding maybe me and my wife would sync up). These are all just possible side effects but knowing my luck…

It kind of makes sense that now that I’m sorting out one problem in my life another develops…sod’s law really; hopefully I’m just worrying about nothing and over thinking.

If anyone has or knows anyone who has any experience with levetiracetam please get in touch and tell me I’m being stupid.

till tomorrow



Day Two

Day Two
Tuesday 24th January 2017

Okay my second day, I’m alive, the lower parts of my abs hurt like crazy as do my upper thighs and I made the mistake of sitting down in the morning when I suspect I should have stayed up and moving until I was ready to do my work out. I need to push myself to stand up and do this. I also found out that I have a specific body type that may be detrimental to my losing weight but more on that later.

Foundation (Day Two)Workouts

  • 10 squats
  • 10 Lunge step ups
  • 10 Squat step ups
  • 20 Arm raises (w/weights)
  • 20 Raised arm circles
  • 20 Count arm hold

Foundation Day Two

(5 sets)

-Beginner body weight workout (BBWW)

-Katana Work out


-Swim (Since I didn’t yesterday)


Ok so I found out today that there are different body types and each loose/gain weight/muscle at different rates and with different difficulties:

  • Ectomorph
  • Endomorph
  • Mesomorph

(For more information go here:

Using a brief and easy quiz I have determined I am 63% Endomorph. This means I am naturally short, bulky and built like a tank if I manage to get my body into the proper shape.  To find out your body type go here:

Both site are brutally honest so only ask if you want to know.

So apart from finding out I am naturally destined to be short, stocky and thick I managed to power through my workouts even though all my muscles, especially my thighs and lower abs, are killing me. For the first time I managed to job about ¼ to ½ a mile without stopping, an achievement for me to say the least. I also made up the missed swimming session from Monday, so I’m still keeping my routine.

P.S. A note from the day after

Now before I post this I have to point out that this must be doing something to my sleep schedule because I actually felt the need to go to bed at 10.30 last night instead of my usual 1-2am bedtime.

(I post these the day after though I write most of it on the day it’s referring to)

So until tomorrow



Day One

Monday 23rd January 2017

Work outs*

-Foundation (Day one)

  • 20 Step Jacks
  • 20 Side Jacks
  • 20 March Jacks
  • 20 Side leg raises

(5 sets)


Foundation Day One

-Katana Warm up

-Gym (getting schedule made next Monday)

-Found 3 Geocaches in Salisbury today

*Couldn’t go swimming as I got the timetables askew


Today went extremely well apart from instead of using the pool today I will have to go tomorrow; I might try and get the energy to get in some gym time as well. Instead of going to the gym first thing in the morning I think I might do my ‘at home’ routines before going out, hopefully that way I’ll be more able to co-ordinate my visits with pool opening times.  I feel like I have tonnes of energy when I’m actually doing something but I start to crash when I sit down and relax, it’s like a sugar or caffeine high.

I didn’t mean to but as I was at the hospital I have a full English Breakfast (although i hast brown toast instead of fried and i cut the fat off of the bacon), in the future I’ll stick with egg or beans on one slice of toast, a perfectly reasonable breakfast especially after a workout. I really need to remember that when I cheat on an exercise or my diet I’m only cheating myself.

I did two things today I really didn’t intend to do I ended up walking around Salisbury and hunting some nearby Geocaches instead of going swimming (I found three though two I’ll have to revisit and sign, the other had a pencil), a hike to a part of Salisbury I’d never explored before, the map says there are more, I’ll have to go back and find them. I also might have got myself a job, ended up going inside a vape store and got talking to the clerk (turns out we went to the same school), the store is hiring and I think if I turn in my CV I may stand a good chance at getting the job… figured on the hours they want I would end up earning a little over £200, definitely not bad and i’m sure I can work my workouts round work…I hope.

Well until tomorrow…





In case these following months kill me (joke…kind of) I thought it would be prudent to record exactly what I’m trying to do and how I’m going about it, either as a declaration of intent or maybe even a inspiration to others in my position. My name is Robert Wolf and I am 15 stone and 5 foot 5…in other words the NHS (National Health Service) class me as MO (Morbidly Obese) so much so I have been tested for diabetes type two. As it is I have a serious congenital heart condition something that has plagued me since birth, I also have Obstructive sleep apnoea  coupled with severe insomnia and have recently been diagnosed with Juvenile myclonic epilepsy (the only word of which I under stood and completely registered was epilepsy). Since I have these problems I am dead set against developing type to diabetes, I have enough problems as is.

My problem with fitness is I’ve never actually found a sport or physical activity that was cheap and I enjoyed…until recently I was introduced to parkour, urban climbing and kite boarding…all of which are fun, interesting and apart from the last free, but unfortunately all require a certain degree of physical fitness, which I certainly don’t have. So that is ultimately my goal to reach a level of fitness where I can start learning these sports and stand a chance of becoming proficient in them. This starts today. I’ve been referred to a gym, written a programme for myself using the websites Nerd Fitness ( and Darebee training ( using these two sites I’ve written myself a schedule as well as a target, by the end of February (under six weeks) I want to be able to run or jog 1KM (0.62 miles) by the end of June I want to be able to run 5KM and perform 10 pull-ups. This is my target, only them will I see myself as being fit enough to begin learning the sports I wish to take up…though I will learn and practice the basics even if I cannot perform them properly.

For the first month this will be my routine:

I will focus on finishing the Foundation Program from Darebee, (, a plan which is a 30 day workout routine along with the ‘Katana Warm Up’ ( , I plan to Gym and swim Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and every other day doing the ‘Beginner Body Weight workout’ (, The Katana, Gym and Body weight work out will increase in reps, weight and difficulty as i progress. I have also joined Geocahing (, a huge scavenger hunt that encourages people to get out into their environment and searching for hidden cashes to either just sign or to exchange little ‘treasures’. I plan to try and find 5-10 a week, travelling to find them if i have to.
As I approach the beginning of my ‘journey’ to a fitter me I look down at the beer gut I have accumulated and I swear goodbye.  To keep track of my progress I will take pictures (of my activities), record my weight twice a week and take pictures of my torso as it disappears to be forgotten as a part of me I will gladly forget.


Katana warmup